Baby Hand and Footprint Kit with Ink Pads and Photo Frame

Green Ink Pad
Black Ink Pad
Blue Ink Pad
Pink Ink Pad
Red Ink Pad
Sky Blue Ink Pad
Purple Ink Pad
Yellow Ink Pad
Orange Ink Pad
Green Ink Pad
Brown Ink Pad


  • Type: Newborn Baby Hand and Footprint Kit
  • Size: Ink Area 9.5*5.7cm
  • White Imprint Cards Size: 12.5*8cm (0-6 months baby)
  • Color: Black, Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Sky Blue

Capture your little one's precious moments with our Newborn Baby Hand and Footprint Kit. This DIY kit includes clean touch ink pads and white imprint cards, making it easy and safe to create lasting memories of your baby's tiny hands and feet. The reliable clean touch ink pad ensures no mess or toxins, providing a safe and clean imprint every time. It's a thoughtful and meaningful baby shower gift, allowing parents to create cherished keepsakes of their baby's growth journey. Plus, it can also be used to capture adorable paw prints of your beloved pets, making it a versatile family keepsake.